Welcome to "The Risinger Hi-Way"

The Reisinger / Risinger Families have always taken to the roads looking for new opportunities and to better serve their families. While we travel on super highways now, our ancestors often had to carve their own trails or roads.

The history for this family has been much the same. While some information has been found in the usual type records, most has been bits and pieces of paper here and there. Alice Emira Risinger (1882 - 1974) kept records in a journal. Those were mixed in with other daily matters such as shopping lists. Ava Marie (Risinger) Yeager (1918 - 1987) and several others, gathered a lot of these bits and pieces. After the passing of Ava, Donald L. Risinger compiled the work of his sister, Ava, and any other information about the family into a two volume set. Volume two contained the descendants of Abraham (Reisinger) Risinger the grandson of William Reisinger. Volume one was the rest of the William Reisinger's descendants. This was called "The Risinger Road". The Risinger Hi-Way is a continuation of this work and has borrowed from the past.  

The Risinger Name:
The surname Risinger appears to be an Anglicization of the German surname Reisinger. Thus, the name has two possible origins. It may be of local origin and denote descent from one who lived in the town of Reisingen either in Bavaria or possibly in Austria. The second possibility is that the name is derived from the Middle High German "reisinc", literally "huge man", which came to denote a warrior. The name may therefore be of occupational origin, denoting either a soldier or a mercenary.

Records of the name in Germany date back to the thirteenth century. Residents of the town of Reisingen in the Urfahr district of Bavaria were recorded using "in dem Risech" as a surname in the year 1287. Jorg Reisinger of Kirchheim was recorded in 1574.

Beazon of Arms: Quarterly first and fourth sable a unicorn rampant argent, that of the first quarter reversed, collared and buckled or on a rocky terrace vert: second and third gules a griffin or, holding four plumes, or, azure, argent and gules, that of the third reversed on the dexter, vested proper, holding the forepaws of a lion rampant or.

Crest: The griffin of the second quarter between a vol per fesse, dexter or and sable, sinister argent and gules, each wing charged with a fess azure, thereon three mullets or.

Origin: Germany